Confidence: A Thing of the Past?


We are witnessing a change in the world. Yes, change has been occurring for centuries. Some have been good changes that reach far beyond the insecurity and close mindedness of something different than “the norm”. Then there are people who are completely consumed with ONE way to live. It’s usually something they were taught growing up or it’s something that they have done for so long that anything different would disrupt their very existence. It’s an insecurity. A lack of confidence in the utilization of their own mind.

My question is….how did we get to a point where it seems the world is afraid to speak up?? Or better yet, have an idea of their own. And at what point do we decide that our actions/feelings/comments/virtues are more important than the fear of being different? 

This is something I have been struggling with lately. It’s exasperating to me that around every corner is Mr. Society, the bully that rears his ugly head and tells me how I should look, how I should think and what I should do. I have come to resent it. In fact, I ABHOR that something as simple as a fashion trend can carve out the path that we are “supposed” to submit to.

So, let me give a little insight into the way my mind comes to the random conclusions that it does. If you can follow along with my very complicated way of getting to those conclusions. lol 

Here’s How I See It…

Being a fan of history, especially ancient world history, it’s interesting to see how society shapes the world through the centuries. It’s nothing new. Most the time it is modeled after someone who spends their life in the lime light. A celebrity, the rich….the government….

Take Ancient Rome for example. Rome was divided into very distinct social classes. These social classes were usually made up of certain family names. So to be “somebody” you more or less had to be born into it. As if a name wasn’t enough to keep them disassociated, their clothes were specific to their social standing. Plebians, or lower class “common folk”, wore coarse, dark colored tunics while patricians wore white linen or wool, senators wore purple stripes and so on. Even the color of their shoes was an indication of their “place”. 

Wealth and property are the most likely the major contributors to an ancient Roman family’s standing. But this can be easily translated to modern time. In my mind, I want to look at how it began. How did that family obtain those things? Everyone starts somewhere, right? 

It’s awe inspiring when you take a look at where someone came from. Especially when someone worked their way up from nothing. 

A Little Confidence Goes a Long Way

100 years ago a single man started a small business. No one knew his name. He worked from dawn til dusk everyday until his back ached, his legs throbbed and his hands were callused and blistered. Eventually, he saved enough to expand. Then he got too old to continue and passed the business on.

His grandchild eventually takes control of the business that is now booming. The family continued expanding across the country and makes enough money to support their entire family for generations. They live in a big house on lots of land and have become very influential in their community.

Now the community looks up to them and aspires to have the same success. You might see the wealthy family start trends….clothing, cars, etc. Material things mostly. So now the community wants to dress like them, look like them, have the things they have…and it spreads. But is THAT going to make the community members successful? Or was it the first man, 100 years ago, that dared to be different and go out on a limb that made his family a success? He showed a little confidence and followed through. It changed everything for his entire family.

My Point.

To me, that’s where confidence comes into play. People tend to forget that success is not typically handed out on a silver platter. It’s usually the one that is courageous enough to take the leap. They utilize the mind that God gave them, share ideas, learn new things and stand for what they believe in. 

The people that allow societal trends to set their path in life blend in. There is nothing to set them apart. But be confident in your endeavors. Do what I do when I’m feeling uncertain and give yourself a pep talk. Tell yourself that there is always someone that will support your ideas. Even when it doesn’t seem that way. Don’t be afraid to be you. The real you. Not a clone of someone else who set themselves apart first. Become the trend setter….not the trend follower.

And when you supplement that confidence with faithfulness…..well, watch out world! The “make it happen” train is comin’ through! 



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  1. its so tough to be the first one to step away from the pack and do what you believe in!! It does take confidence!! I love reading this stuff, I love history but really haven’t had a chance to study it like you 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Natasha! I really appreciate your thoughts!! Yes, it can be VERY difficult! But it’s always worth the peace of mind to be who you are meant to be.

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